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Morning News Anchor & Reporter for CKBW / Country 100.7 South Shore, Nova Scotia

One of the most satisfying parts of working with Burli Software is the knowledge that our customers tend to stay with us for a long time. Loyalty is important to us, and it goes both ways!

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Take radio reporter Craig Power, with the team at Acadia Broadcasting. He’s the morning news anchor and reporter at CKBW in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, having also been in the business for years with Bayshore Broadcasting, Blackburn Radio, Bell Media, and Astral Media, in radio stations all over Canada.

He’s used multiple newsroom systems over the years, but plainly Burli Newsroom has proven his favourite.

One Stop Shop

“It’s my everything,” says Craig when asked to describe what Burli means to him. “For what I need to do on a day to day basis, Burli does it”, he said.

Craig needs it to do a lot. He not only reads the news on-air for South Shore Radio, he’s also his own reporter, venturing frequently into the field to unearth the local news that matters so very much to the community he serves.

Personally, I feel Burli is the only software for what I do for a living.
~ Craig Power, Acadia Broadcasting

He’s fond of using the remote upload tools in Burli to take the audio he gathers in the field and drop it directly into the editing environment.  Turning interviews into compelling stories is simple using Burli’s single editing interface, Craig says.

Working With Burli

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Having everything on one screen is “a blessing”, Craig said.  He makes good use of the ability to bring in his text and audio from multiple sources and edit it in one, single screen, calling it “fast [and] efficient”.

As a former audio engineer, he is particularly enthusiastic about Burli’s multi-track audio tools.  While in the field, he likes to grab ambient sounds with his iPhone (bagpipes, he jokes, make a good background track on many stories), upload the audio from the field, and employ that audio directly in Burli, underneath his story.  The multi-track editor makes this process simple and fast.

He remembers when the principal way to get audio into an editorial system was playing it from a field recorder over some kind of cable. Burli’s upload and drag-and-drop tools are much easier to work with.

Plus, he notes, the audio editor itself has just the right number of tools that a reporter needs to do the job – it’s not filled with endless extra features you’ll never use.  “It’s meant to get something edited… on the fly, inserted into a script, on the air,” he says, perfect for his use.  He likes to top and tail, adjust levels, and insert ambient sound quickly and easily.  “Everything I’m using is what I need”.

Stacking Up

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Craig notes with a laugh that he has used other newsroom systems.  In one non-Burli newsroom, he says, one of the other on-air staff confided she’d been using the software for three years, and she still hadn’t figured it out.

Burli, Craig says, removes many redundancies and extra steps other systems impose.  Multiply those extra steps dozens or hundreds of times a day, and the work quickly becomes “tedious”.

He was very happy to be back with Burli in his next location. “Personally, I feel Burli is the only software for what I do for a living”.

Loyal Customers

Burli Software is excited to work with customers like Craig, whose enthusiasm is contagious when he describes his line of work. That he’s equally excited about the tools involved in that work is a great compliment, one we work hard to earn.

We’d like to thank Acadia Broadcasting, CJHK, CKBW, and Craig for their business and support of Burli!

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