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Burli is excited to announce a new integration partner – QGoLive!

QGoLive logo

QGoLive’s mobile app (iTunes Canada, iTunes US, Google Play) is now supported by Burli, enabling QGoLive users to write, record, edit, and file simple voicers or complete wraps on their mobile devices before sending them into Burli with the tap of a single command.

Both Burli Newsroom and Burli NE ingest QGoLive material and make a new story out of it.  Those QGoLive stories appear alongside other incoming sources in the tree and can immediately be used in news production.

In effect, QGoLive has become another field recorder and editor for Burli, and we’re very excited to add such great functionality for our customers.

Here is a setup document that QGoLive published for their side of the equation:

If you have any questions or are interested in how Burli works with QGoLive, or how to configure it in your newsroom, please get in touch!

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